Using your availability, rate plans and policies to increase bookings

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When it comes to increasing the number of guests staying at your property, it pays to offer a variety of options. Our advice for offering more availability in your calendar can help you increase your bookings. Selecting the right mix of rate plans and policies for your property will also help you stand out to potential guests on our platform.

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Setting up your rooms or units

You can only start to receive bookings on our platform when you have added your property's rooms or units in the extranet. Select Property layout or Room details under the Property tab to set up or edit your rooms or units.

It’s important to describe your rooms or units clearly so that potential guests know what to expect. Make your property page as accurate as possible by updating your room or unit types, names or by adding or removing amenities and facilities in the extranet. 

To attract more bookings from families with children, consider extending room occupancy with cots and/or extra beds. Read about setting rates for children here.

Setting up your availability

After you’ve marked your property as open and bookable, tell us when your rooms or units will be available so that guests can view and book them. 

We strongly recommend that you provide availability for up to 16 months in advance so you don’t miss out on potential bookings. Keep your availability up to date in the extranet by going to the Rates & Availability tab and selecting Calendar. You can also upload your availability in the Pulse mobile app.

If you manage your property using a Connectivity provider or channel manager, you can map your rooms or units to your desired provider and have your availability synchronised everywhere at once.

If you need to close rooms or units, you can follow these steps – or go to Pulse – so guests can’t book them. You can also block dates to prevent bookings on certain days. 

Setting up your rate plans

Rate plans determine the pricing of your rooms or units on our platform. Understanding the rate plans available on our platform is important so you know which one is right for your property. You can set up or update your rate plans in the extranet, under the Rates & Availability tab.

You can also select different rates based on how many people will stay in each room, called pricing per guest. Your rooms or units should be set up to accept multiple occupancies – from a single person to a group, depending on what’s available.

Finally, you can welcome families to your property by setting up children rates

Setting up your policies

Policies set the conditions for how guests can book at your property, for example how far in advance they can book. Policies help you attract the right type of guests to your property and lets guests know what to expect before they arrive.

Whether you have a single property or multiple, changing policies is easily done. You’ll find it in the Policies section, under the Property tab in the extranet. We suggest you consider the right cancellation policies so guests know what to expect if they change or cancel their booking.

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