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Can I cancel a reservation?

Updated 1 week ago

When a guest makes a booking, their reservation is confirmed immediately. So it’s not possible to reject a reservation.

Depending on your policies, a guest may be able to cancel their reservation using a link in their confirmation email or via their Booking account. In some cases, you’re able to initiate a cancellation request if a guest asks you to do so, or if there are issues with guest payments. See below for more information.

Request by guest:

If the guest contacted you to request a cancellation you can follow these steps in your extranet or within the Pulse app to notify us.


If the guest hasn’t shown up, mark the reservation as a ‘no-show’ in the extranet or on the Pulse app.

Invalid credit card:

For information on what to do when the guest has an invalid credit card, please read this article.

No deposit/pre-payment received:

If you have not received these as expected, you can find out more about the actions you need to take in this article.


For help on what to do when you have an overbooking, please contact the Customer Service team. If you want to learn how you can avoid overbooking, please read this article.

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