Changing a guest's reservation dates during Force Majeure

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As a result of the official government travel advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19), we declared Force Majeure (FM) in early 2020 for impacted countries and reservations. FM also covers individual cases where restrictions prevent guests from travelling to or staying at their booked accommodation. This is in accordance with the applicable General Delivery Terms.

Read this article for more information on how we applied FM.

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How guests can change non-refundable reservations

Whenever FM is declared, guests have the right to cancel their bookings free of charge. To make this process easier for partners, we’ve developed a new feature that allows guests to both cancel their reservations and change their check-in and check-out dates for non-refundable reservations if FM conditions apply.

This feature doesn’t require any action from partners. However, to help make the process efficient we advise partners to add calendar availability for at least the next 12 months so guests are able to choose new stay dates without having to contact properties directly.

Conditions for rebooking

This feature is available to guests who:

  • Are unable to travel to or stay at accommodations located in areas where we've declared Force Majeure
  • Have non-refundable reservations with check-in dates that have not yet passed
  • Are rebooking their reservation for the same or a longer length of stay

If the new reservation price is the same or higher than the original reservation, it will be automatically confirmed. If the new reservation price is lower than the original, or if the guest’s selected dates aren’t available, the guest will be asked to message the property directly to find a solution.

When rebooking, guests will not be able to change the following details:

  • Rooms
  • Occupancy
  • Included services, such as breakfast
  • Cancellation policies
  • Payment methods

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