4 tips for seamless pre-stay communication with guests

Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to start a conversation with a hotel guest and make first impressions count with a pre-arrival email. We’ve gathered some tips on how to talk with guests in order to set the right expectations, share vital information and provide a consistently great guest experience.

Check your messaging settings


1. Set up a welcome message

Imagine your guests receiving a warm welcome message from you as soon as they book, or just before they arrive. This not only makes for a nice gesture – it reassures guests that they’ve chosen a good place to stay.

Many partners like to help guests plan their visit by including details like check-in hours, directions and parking. You can send your guests a personalised welcome message automatically by scheduling a message template.

2. Reply promptly to guests’ messages

A quick reply goes a long way with guests. Sending a prompt response puts them at ease, and could even lead to them leaving higher review scores – influencing other travellers to book in the future.

You can create a great experience for guests – and save yourself time – if you set up automatic replies to answer their most common questions.

When a request is processed using automatic replies, your guest receives an email (or a message via the Booking Assistant chatbot) confirming whether their request is approved, rejected or subject to availability. With each of these answers, you can include message templates to provide any additional information that may be needed.

If you want to manage your property on the go, you can download our Pulse app to receive push notifications and reply to guests whenever you want, wherever you are.

3. Save time with templates

Our partners often tell us that the majority of their pre-stay communication concerns the same topics – parking costs, luggage storage, how to reach the property, etc.

If you set up message templates for frequently asked questions, you can save time and respond to your guests in a matter of clicks by sending custom replies, instead of typing the same thing over and over again.

You can even include image attachments to provide your guests with additional information. Once you’ve set up your templates, all you need to do is select the one you want and press ‘Send’. To make things even easier, you can also personalise your templates in the extranet by adding placeholders for your guest’s name, check-in time, property name and more.

4. Keep track of your Reply Score

We know from research that guests really appreciate quick replies to their requests and messages.

To help you make sure you’re replying to guests in a timely manner, we display a Reply Score under the ‘Guest messages’ section of your extranet 'Inbox' tab. You can also find your Reply Score under the ‘Performance’ tab on your extranet home page.

By answering guests as soon as you can, you’ll improve your Reply Score as well as guests’ overall experience. What’s more, we’ve seen that partners with high scores also tend to have lower cancellation rates and higher review scores.

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