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Free taxi promotion provided by

Updated 2 hours ago

The promotion is limited to the following cities: Adelaide, Amsterdam, Athens, Baku, Barcelona, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Cancun, Cape Town, Chengdu, Cologne, Denpasar, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Florence, Gdansk, Granada, Hamburg, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Krakow, Kuta, Las Palmas, Lima, Lisbon, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Marrakesh, Naples, Nice, Paphos, Porto, Prague, Punta Cana, Queenstown, Riga, Seville, Shenzhen, Sofia, Tallinn, Ubud, Valencia, Valletta, Vienna, Warsaw, Wellington, Wroclaw, Zagreb.

Note: This service is provided entirely by, and our partners do not have to do anything other than simply inform their guests that they should call if they need a taxi. There is no change in commission for our partners when guests reserve a taxi this way.

Other information worth knowing about this promotion:

  • The promotion includes a one-way trip to the accommodation from the airport, with no diversions.

  • Guests will be provided with a standard-size taxi with a trusted local driver.

  • This offer is only available for groups of up to and including 8 people, that book one or more rooms.

  • If the guest cancels their reservation or makes an amendment, the free taxi will be automatically cancelled.

  • The driver will wait for the guest at the arrivals hall (if applicable) or the designated taxi zone of or around the airport.

  • If the guest is delayed, either:

                 - One of’s selected drivers will wait for them.

                 - will cover the cost of a different taxi.

Note: If the above information does not answer the guest’s questions, please direct them to customer service.

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