Reporting guests no-shows at your property

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If a guest doesn’t show up for their booking and you choose to waive the fee, it's important to mark the booking as a no-show so that we don’t charge you commission. This also prevents guests wrongly receiving a satisfaction survey even if they didn’t stay with you, which helps avoid the impact that could have on your guest reviews and review score.

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Why it’s important to report no-shows

By reporting no-shows in the extranet or on the Pulse app when you choose to waive the fee, you can help us make sure we don’t charge you commission for that reservation.

This also helps make sure we don’t send the guest the satisfaction survey that they would normally receive from us after the end of their stay. If you don’t record the no-show and they do receive this survey from us, they’ll be able to complete it as if they stayed with you. This may mean you receive inaccurate reviews that are displayed on your property page, and it could also impact your review score.

Keeping track of no-shows and cancellations 

Even after a booking has been cancelled, it remains in our system and can’t be deleted. Keeping a record of this information gives you an overview of your property’s performance and can help you reduce cancellations in the future. Whenever you charge guests for no-shows or cancellations, you’ll need to pay commission on that fee. If you mark a credit card as invalid, or decide to waive cancellation fees, you don’t have to pay commission. Read this article to find out how to mark credit cards as invalid.

Marking no-shows

Follow the steps below to mark a no-show in the extranet:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Reservations
  3. Click on the reservation number you want to mark as a no-show
  4. Click on Mark as a no show

Follow the steps below to mark a no-show in the Pulse app:

  1. Log in to Pulse
  2. Select Bookings
  3. Use the search bar or arrival date to find and select the reservation you want to mark as a no-show
  4. Select Mark as a no-show
  5. Select Yes to confirm

The reservation will then be cancelled, and both you and the guest will receive a confirmation email. 

Keep in mind that the 'Mark as a no-show' button is only available from midnight on the check-in date until 48 hours after the planned check-out date. After this point, you’ll no longer be able to report a no-show.


Have you missed the reporting window or marked a guest as no-show incorrectly? Please get in touch with us for assistance.

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