How can I set up a minimum or maximum length of stay from arrival?

Updated 2 months ago

The minimum length of stay from arrival is the minimum number of nights that guests can book a stay for when they arrive on a certain date, while the maximum length of stay is the maximum number of nights guests can book a stay for when they arrive at a certain date. That way, you can set the earliest and/or latest points at which a guest can make a booking for a certain date. It’s like a normal length of stay restriction, but applied to certain dates that you’ve specified in the system.

Once you’ve set this restriction, your property will only appear in search results when the guests’ search dates match your conditions.

To set up a minimum or maximum length of stay from arrival, follow these steps:  

  1. Log in to the extranet and click on 'Calendar' under your ‘Rates & Availability’ tab. Make sure you’re using the ‘List view’ option, not ‘Monthly view’ or ‘Yearly view’. You can check this on the right-hand side of the page.

  2. Next to the date selector, you’ll see a small square with ‘Restrictions’ next to it. This square is a filter. Click on it to display all your restrictions for your rooms.

  3. In the menu, look for ‘minimum or maximum length of stay from arrival’. Then click on the box next to the restriction you’d like to select.

  4. Enter a value in the cell (for example, one day = 1, two days = 2 etc.).

  5. To make changes for multiple days at once, click on a cell and drag the blue circles in the corner of the cell to the left or right to cover the days you’d like to apply the restriction to. A pop-up will appear where you can add the number of days. Click on ‘Save’.

  6. To set these restrictions for more than a month ahead: click on the ‘Bulk edit’ button. A panel will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. Select the dates you want to change your restrictions for, then click on the ‘Restrictions’ box. Choose a rate and restriction and enter the days as usual in the white box below the restriction type. Click on ‘Save changes’ when you’re done.

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