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What is the Reservation organiser?

Updated 2 months ago

Reservation organiser is a new feature available to partners, that allows them to view at a glance all their past, present, and future reservations.

Note: This feature is, for the moment, only available to partners in certain locations; It is only available for reservations; It is, for the moment, only accessible via the extranet on desktop systems.

Through Reservation organiser, accommodation partners can:

- View their reservations in a calendar format.

- Know which guests are about to check-in and check-out on each day

- Have immediate access to reservation details, right in Reservation organiser.

- Have an easy view of their overall occupancy as seen over time.

- Clearly see during which dates they do not have availability open on

For partners with access to this tool, will automatically add and instantly update reservations within the organiser itself.

Note: Partners who have access to the Reservation organiser can find it on the extranet, under the Reservations tab.


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