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How to submit a complaint

Updated 7 months ago | 1.5 min read time

If you’re having issues with the services we provide on our platform, you can let us know and we’ll do our best to try and resolve them for you. We aim to resolve complaints quickly and fairly, and in 2020, reached agreements with more than 90% of partners in under a week. 

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Submitting a complaint

Understanding our complaint handling process

Submitting a complaint

  1. Follow this link to our Dispute Resolution centre
  2. Fill in your property ID, name and contact information, then select a topic
  3. In the text field under Message, write a detailed explanation of the complaint – more information helps us to understand and try to solve your issue faster
  4. Click Send – a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible

Understanding our complaint handling process

  • We’ll confirm the receipt of the complaint via your extranet inbox or by email, and provide you with more information around the process and what you can expect in terms of next steps
  • We’ll also send you regular updates on the progress of your complaint
  • A member of our team may contact you if we need more information regarding your complaint
  • We’ll let you know what the outcome of your complaint is as soon as we’ve resolved it

You can reply to your case handler via your extranet inbox or by email, with your response to the resolution offered. If you disagree with how your complaint has been resolved, you can make use of the mediation services we offer our partners and properties in the European Economic Area. For more information on mediation, please read this article.

You can find more info on complaint topics and outcomes in our annual Complaint Handling Report.


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