Making the most of the Partner Hub

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 The Partner Hub is where we publish relevant content for our accommodation partners. It's where you can find resources to support your business growth and analyses of global travel trends that impact your property

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Logging in to the Partner Hub

You can log in to the Partner Hub using the same login credentials you use to access the extranet. Once logged in, you'll have access to the following features:  

  • Community – ask questions and share information with other partners in our online forum
  • Personal profile - within your profile you’ll find Recommended content that we’ve chosen specifically for you. Click on the heart icon to save content to your Saved page for quick access later.

Changing the language of the Partner Hub

The Partner Hub is available in 30 languages. You can change the language from anywhere in the Partner Hub by clicking the language tab and selecting your chosen language from the drop-down list.

Please note that when you’re in the Community section of the Partner Hub, you’ll only be able to select from three languages: British English, American English and Italian.

Sections in the Partner Hub

Partner Help

Here you can find informational articles about our products, procedures and services. The content ranges from how-to articles to in-depth user guides on the extranet, our products and various promotions.  

The Partner Help section is designed to be the first point of reference for any questions you have about being a partner.


In this section, you'll find in-depth information on our business solutions for your different needs. These vary from growing your revenue and improving operational efficiency to delivering better guest experiences. Our solutions offer business insights, opportunities and actions to tackle diverse business challenges.  

With the content found here, you can build effective business strategies – such as setting up an optimal pricing plan – and identify opportunities to help you achieve your goals on our platform.


The Community allows you to connect with fellow partners on our platform. We designed this space for you to share tips and advice on how to grow your business on our platform, as well as ask questions and start discussions with your industry peers. The Community is currently only available in British English, American English and Italian.

News & Insights

In this section, we bring together insights from bright minds in travel and tech to inspire and inform you about growing your business. We invite industry professionals and experts to share their insights on current and emerging trends alongside sharing our latest developments.

No matter the type of property you run, you can discover new ideas and opportunities to enhance your business. Through subsections such as Trends & Insights, News and Industry Perspectives, we aim to keep you informed.

Our Partnership   

Our Partnership is where you can learn more about our commitment to growing together with you. Here we highlight different investments we've made – with the help of your feedback – to strengthen our partnership and drive growth for your business.

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