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Updated 7 months ago

What’s in this article

What is the Partner Hub?

The Partner Hub is where we publish all relevant content for our partners. On this platform you’ll find everything from instructional articles to industry insights and resources to support your business’ growth. The Hub is available in 30 languages and is open and accessible to anyone. But to get the most out of it, you need to log in with a partner account.

Logging in with a partner account

To log in with your partner account, click on Sign In to the Hub and sign in with the same credentials you use to access the extranet. Once logged in, you’ll be able to access these exclusive features and content:

  • The Partner Community – a forum where you can ask questions and share information with other partners
  • Recommended for you – content that we curate specifically for you, which you can find on your Partner Hub profile
  • Saving for later – by clicking on the heart icon in any article, you can quickly save it to your profile for easy access later

Different sections of the Partner Hub

Partner Help

The Partner Help section of the Hub is where you’ll find the most comprehensive information about our products, procedures and services. The content ranges from how-to articles to in-depth user guides on the extranet, specific features and entire products.

We’ve designed Partner Help to be your first point of reference for any questions you may have about our platform, its features and how best to use them.


In this section you’ll find all of our solutions, organised by your business needs. Whether you’re looking to grow your revenue, make your work more efficient or deliver even better guest experiences, this is a good place to start. Solutions offers curated business insights, opportunities and actions recommended by our expert teams to tackle diverse business challenges.

Using Solutions content, you can build an effective strategy – for example, choosing the right pricing plan – and identify the opportunities that will help you achieve your business goals on our platform.

Partner Community

This is a dedicated space for you to connect with fellow partners. In the Partner Community you can share tips and advice on how to grow your business on our platform, as well as ask questions and start discussions. It’s currently available in English and Italian.

Click. Magazine

Click. brings together the brightest minds in travel and tech to inspire and inform you on how to enhance your business. It’s where we invite top industry influencers and our own experts to share their insights on current and emerging trends, along with the latest developments.

There are new ideas and opportunities to be discovered in Click., no matter what kind of property you run. Through Trends & Insights, Industry Perspectives and News, we aim to keep you informed as well as broaden your knowledge, so that you can continue delivering great guest experiences.

Our Promise

"Growing Together is our ongoing promise to build a stronger era of partnership. It's a promise to continually support your business and make you feel valued, by nurturing a relationship that really lives up to the word partner. In this section we show you how your feedback inspires progress in different areas - from how we drive growth for your business to the different ways we’re investing in our partnership."

COVID-19 Resources

We launched this section in 2020 to support our partners during Coronavirus (COVID-19). In this section of the Partner Hub, you can find:

  • Rebuilding Together This includes your Recovery Toolkit, which is designed to help you capture returning travel demand. We created the toolkit using research with tens of thousands of travellers, statistics from trusted partners like Google, and our own booking and search data. The toolkit contains:
    • Current traveller priorities, which you can cater to and attract more demand
    • Profiles of key current traveller types and how you can attract them to your property
    • Essential guides to support you on topics like health and safety and pricing  
  • Information and support This includes the latest travel insights and advice, including tips on minimising the impact of travel restrictions on your business and dealing with common situations like cancellations and rescheduling requests.  
  • FAQs Here we provide answers to some of the most important questions we’ve received from our partners. This section is regularly updated.

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