Submitting a complaint or reporting a technical issue

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If you’re having trouble with our platform or services, you can submit a complaint or report a technical issue. We’ll try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Submitting a complaint to us

Follow these steps to submit a complaint to us:

  1. Go to the Dispute resolution centre
  2. Select Partner and enter your personal information.
  3. Select a topic, then under Message enter a description of your complaint – the more detailed information you include, the easier it will be for us to solve the issue
  4. Click Send

Reporting a technical issue with our platform

You can report a technical issue with our platform via the extranet or the Pulse app, and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. Keep in mind these steps for self-managed partners. Self-managed partners are those who handle their business operations themselves. They don't have an account manager, affiliate, or agency to manage their property.

Follow these steps to report a technical issue via the extranet:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Inbox, then select Messages
  3. Click See contact options
  4. Select the topic Account and the subtopic Other
  5. Click on See all contact options
  6. Click on Message
  7. Compose your message and click on Send Message


Follow these steps to report a technical issue via the Pulse app:

  1. Open the Pulse app on your mobile device
  2. Tap More, then scroll down and tap Help
  3. Tap the envelope icon
  4. Choose the appropriate subject from the drop-down menu
  5. Describe your problem in as much detail as possible, then tap Send

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