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Updates to Internet Explorer

Updated 1 month ago | 1.5 min read time

Microsoft has recently announced the deprecation of Internet Explorer 11. As of 31 August 2021, we will no longer support the use of this browser on our platform. 

We recommend updating to Microsoft Edge or switching browsers. If you don’t update, you won’t have full functionality in the extranet after 31 August.

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Why update my browser?

From 31 August, Microsoft will start phasing out Internet Explorer 11, with all new updates and features hosted on Edge instead. When a browser is not updated, there is a higher risk of errors and security issues.

We’re stopping our support of Internet Explorer 11, but we want you to continue to use our constantly renewed features. By updating your browser to Edge, we can offer you a smoother experience in the extranet, more security and better solutions for your day-to-day business. 

Using Internet Explorer mode in Edge

If you’re worried about losing features or incurring operational costs by updating, Microsoft Edge has a feature called Internet Explorer Mode. This mode allows you access to the same apps and websites you’re used to within the new browser. 

Update my browser

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