We’ve resolved an issue with your invoice payment history

We recently became aware of a technical issue in the extranet that meant the information displayed about your invoice and payment history may not have been up to date. We’re happy to let you know we’ve now resolved the issue, and the status of your invoices and recent payments is now updated.


You don’t need to contact us about this. We’d like to reassure you that our internal payment systems weren’t affected at any point, and our records of your invoices and payments remained accurate throughout. We apologise for any inconvenience.


How do I submit a complaint?

Updated 4 months ago

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Highlight: This article explains the steps required to submit a complaint to Booking.com

If you want to get in touch with us in case you feel dissatisfied with services provided by Booking.com, mostly, but not limited, due to an issue with product eligibility, SLA breaches, employee behaviour, etc. we give you the option to do so. 

  1. Follow this link to our Dispute Resolution page.
  2. Provide the requested information.
  3. Provide a detailed explanation of the complaint. Please provide as much detail and facts to help speed up the process. Helpful information are booking number or invoice number where relevant. 
  4. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What you can expect from us during the process

  1. We will confirm the receipt of the complaint via Extranet or e-mail and provide you with more information around the process and what you can expect in terms of next steps.
  2. We will keep you informed about the progress regularly.
  3. A member of our team may contact you if the investigation requires more information.
  4. We will communicate the outcome of each complaint as soon as a resolution is ready.

What can you do if the resolution is not as expected

You can indicate to the case handler what your response is to the resolution offered. In return, we will review the response as part of our complaint process. Additionally, we offer mediation to our partners and properties in EEA. For more information go to this article.

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