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Travel is changing, and so are we. As we have in the past and as we are doing now, we will continue looking for ways to support our partners in this changing landscape. And to better serve you, we've invested heavily in maintaining an always-on, easy to use, and thorough ecosystem meant to give you everything you need to succeed with

We share everything we can to help you along the way

Our commitment to you is to help rebuild our industry, together. And while current realities continue to bring challenges, we will stand by that commitment and continuously improve our round-the-clock digital presence with the things you most care about:

  • Information, guidance, and answers to all your questions about your availability, rates, policies and everything in between in Partner Help
  • Commercial advice tailored to you, and you alone, within the extranet Opportunity Centre
  • Performance boosting product highlights as seen on our Solutions page
  • Inspiration and industry know-how with Click. Magazine
  • A place to get advice from other partners, share your feedback and join conversations within the Partner Community (now also in Italian).
  • The Pulse app, so that you can keep track of your business, including managing reservations and keeping in touch with your guests, no matter where you are

Together, these resources provide all the guidance, support, inspiration and fellowship that you need to make the best informed decisions, and make your property shine on

We’re here with you, and always will be

Recent times have been difficult. We know this first-hand. But we've pooled the insight from our best experts to help you continue Rebuilding Together with us.

By leveraging these resources, you can mitigate the risks we are all currently facing in the hospitality industry - and keep yourself, those close to you, and your guests safe.

Reach out when you need more assistance

All of us here at want to make sure you have access to all the support you need, when you need it. That is why we routinely send emails with relevant news, insights, and updates to the primary email address that you use in the extranet.

And whether we provide guidance and answers through Partner Help, or ways to connect with each other in the Community, remember you can always reach our support teams by sending a message, or calling the phone number available in the Inbox tab of your extranet.

Make sure you’re set up for today, and for the future

The value of our resources is only as great as what they empower you to do. So that you receive our email communications, have full access to all our services and features, as well as participate in the Partner Hub website, we encourage you to make sure your extranet information is always up-to-date.

This means checking that your contact information, such as your primary email address, is accurately recorded in your extranet. That way, we’ll be able to share important news with you.

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