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Updated 8 months ago

At, we want to help all our partners to grow their business. We also know that when you run a property, there’s a lot to keep on top of. That’s why we’re now displaying personalised advice to improve your sales, tips on how to provide the best possible service, and celebrations of your own milestones. Think of it as a virtual account manager for your property, always on hand to help you improve.

It’s important that all our partners get the right advice, at the right time. It could be performance-related tips, reminders of our community standards or simply an acknowledgement of a job well done.

To guide you along your journey with, we’ll show you tips, starting with the sign-up process and continuing through our partnership, with extranet pop-ups and emails. They’ll cover three main areas:


The world of hospitality can be complicated, so a helping hand can go a long way. You’ll get your first tips during the sign-up process, and we’ll explain how to create the best possible listing – as well as how our system works. After that, our system will analyse your profile and your performance, and suggest actions you could take to improve your revenue, occupancy, guest experience and more.


We want your business to be a success with – and we’d like to recognise your achievements along the way. So whenever you reach certain milestones, we’ll send you a message to celebrate your success. That way, you’ll know exactly how you’re progressing on our platform.


Just like you have your own house rules at your property, we have our own hospitality standards. It’s important to us that these are maintained at all times – for the benefit of our partners and guests alike. If you start dropping below a certain quality standard, we’ll send you a message to let you know, so that you can take steps to improve..

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