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What are’s hospitality standards?

Updated 10 months ago

At, we’re dedicated to ensuring that partners and guests meet the highest standards so that both enjoy the best possible experience using our platform.

To maintain high hospitality standards, we provide our partners with educational information that helps them meet these requirements as well as timely notifications in case they drop below a certain level.

If these standards are not consistently met, we may ultimately need to sanction partners. We have fair and specific assessments, processes and tools in place to monitor partner activity and detect any inappropriate behaviour. That way, if a partner displays such behaviour, we can make well-informed decisions, which can include temporary, or even permanent removal from our website.

Our guidelines for hospitality standards and a strong partnership

There are four types of behaviour that we do not tolerate on

  1. Abusive behaviour
    We do not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, hate speech, manipulation, physical violence or any other form of threatening or abusive behaviour – that goes for guests and partners alike.
  2. Fraudulent behaviour
    Behind the scenes, our designated teams monitor all partner activity for any kind of suspicious behaviour on our website. This helps us to make sure that our guests are not exposed to any kind of scam or fraud.
  3. Unpaid invoices
    Unless partners are using Payments by Booking, they’re required to pay the commission amount stated on their monthly invoice themselves. In cases of overdue payments, partners receive multiple reminders to pay their pending invoices. However, if we don’t receive the overdue payment, partners are temporarily suspended from our platform – meaning they won’t be able to receive new bookings until the outstanding commission has been paid.
  4. Poor guest experience
    We’re passionate about delivering excellent service to guests, and we expect the same from our partners. We monitor partners’ performances via guest review scores and the frequency of customer service contacts from guests. If we notice a partner dropping below a certain standard, we inform them and advise them on how they can improve. If a partner consistently delivers a poor guest experience over a long period, their property may be temporarily or permanently closed.

How we help partners and guests meet high standards

We aim to connect our property partners with the right guests, and we take pride in the initiatives we’ve introduced to achieve this.

For example, to help you attract the right guests to your property, we’ve launched features where you can set your own house rules and guest requirements. Plus, in the unlikely event that something unpleasant happens, you can always report guest misconduct.

Naturally, we also want guests to find the right property and enjoy the best possible hospitality. To help you provide great guest experiences, we offer step-by-step guidance throughout your partner journey, we acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, and we highlight any improvements you can make along the way.

Ultimately, at we strive to create a safe environment for partners and guests alike. Learn more over on our trust and safety resource centre.

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