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Why is my property visible on other websites?

Updated 10 months ago

When you join, you’ll benefit from extensive advertising on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You may also appear on one — or more — of our 17,500+ affiliate partner websites, such as TripAdvisor, Agoda, Kayak and Trivago.

We actively market your property online to make sure it’s visible to a global audience, exposing you to the highest possible number of potential guests. This is a service we provide to you at no added cost, even for affiliate websites that would normally charge subscription fees or a share of revenue to list a property.

How do I report errors or outdated information on an affiliate website?

Unfortunately, we have no control over the content that appears on affiliate websites*. If you spot incorrect information about your property on an affiliate partner’s site, it’s best to get in touch with that website directly in order to update it.

One of the most common issues is incorrect information on Google Hotel Ads. This can be easily fixed by setting up a Google My Business account, or updating your property details if you already have such an account. You’ll then need to clear your internet cookies and cache, and wait for up to 48 hours for any changes to show.

*Exception: if you see incorrect information on the Agoda or Priceline websites, you can contact us directly.

Can I remove my property from an affiliate website?

It’s not currently possible to opt out of this service. According to the General Delivery Terms (GDTs) you agreed to and signed when joining, you allow us to advertise your property on third-party websites in order to drive traffic and generate as much business as possible to your property page on

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