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Hospitality Standards - Cleanliness Warnings

Updated 12 days ago

At, we want to create unforgettable experiences for travellers around the world. And that means working closely with our accommodation partners to guarantee a certain level of hospitality and cleanliness for anyone using our site. 

When does a property receive a warning about cleanliness?

A property that does not meet the desired quality standards may receive a warning message. This occurs when guests leave multiple low review scores regarding the cleanliness of the property. Additionally,  this can happen if guests report complaints to our Customer Service department.

Receiving a warning message automatically places a property on a warning list. In such situations, property managers or owners will have until 15 February 2020 to take action in order to resolve the situation. Properties placed on the warning list will be reevaluated for hospitality and cleanliness in late February 2020.

What happens if a accommodation partner does not markedly improve the cleanliness of their property? 

Properties listed on that do not take corrective action and do not improve following a warning message will be removed from the platform. Relevant and verified complaints raised about the cleanliness of a property will be considered sufficient reason for to terminate collaboration with such accommodation partners, on the basis of health concerns and customer complaints.

What can a partner do after receiving such a warning?

If a partner receives a warning, the first thing to know is that the situation is not irreversible and they can always take corrective action. Following a warning, there is a 3-month probation period during which time such action can be taken. For any upcoming reservations, the partner in question should do their best to offer guests a better experience. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you can read further on Partner Help for insights and advice, as well as guidance in how to and analyse your review score to pinpoint specific improvement areas.

For a limited period, has also partnered with Properly, a third party service. Properly will guide partners through’s Hospitality Cleaning Standards. Their team will also perform a free, remote inspection of properties that have received warning messages and give advice on what and how to improve. Properties listed on that successfully pass at least one remote inspection will be removed from the warning list. This service is completely free, as we at want to help partners get back on track.

What happens next?

During the 3-month probation period, we will be continually monitoring guest feedback for properties on the warning list. Based on proof of clear improvements to hospitality and cleanliness following the warning message, we will remove properties from the warning list. At the same time, properties that do not show signs of improvement will have their listings removed from

What is Properly exactly?

Properly helps property managers and vacation rental owners schedule and organize services (such as cleaning). With Properly, owners and managers can create interactive visual checklists, track operations through integrated photo capture, schedule service providers for cleaning and maintenance jobs, connect to listing platforms, and organize other changeover services. 

Integrated photo capture allows property managers and hosts to track cleaners’ work in real-time, record the condition of a home-like property before and after each guest, and document any changes with clear pictures. 

What can I do with Properly? 

Properly is a flexible tool, and many property managers and owners have come up with new and innovative ways to use it to help scale their businesses. You can use Properly to: 

  • Ensure your selected cleaners prepare your property to meet your guests’ expectations, by providing them with simple, interactive checklists based on your listing photos.

  • Manage your operations more efficiently by tracking cleaners’ activity in real-time and gathering real-time photos of their work.

  • Save time when scheduling your changeover services (e.g. cleaning, key exchange, maintenance) by using Properly’s scheduling calendar, which connects to all your listing platforms and PMS software.

  • Improve your billing and management process with reports and invoices for the services and providers you hire.

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