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How to Handle Damage and Reimbursement from Renters

Hi everyone, brand new to booking.com and have a large holiday home for rent on the coast at Normanville in South Australia. 

My question is, how is the best way on Booking.com to handle damages, for example, if linen is damaged, or someone spills red wine over the couch, or perhaps even if things are stolen, and so on.

At the moment, I have a $100 deposit in place but I feel due to the size of the property and the $600 excess in our Renters Insurance that this really doesn't cover very much. I am interested in what steps are taken for us to retrieve costs of damages, what is the the process and what steps can I put in place to cover myself.

Any advice on what to put in place would be fantastic! 

Julia Perrott 1 month ago

Thank you so much Janita for your tips, I will have a good read of this and get up to speed. :-)))