An incorrect number

The SMS verification number ending 90 isn’t a number I’m familiar with, my property is live I have no way of getting into the account, there are also no payment details for me, I’ve tried al sorts of ways to get in but it’s impossible because there’s an odd number linked to the SMS verification. Please can someone assist me. 

Jarratt - Acco…

Hello Suzie,


Since you are unable to log in to the extranet, you will find a list of public support number numbers listed here on the Partner Hub. The support team will be able to help get logged in with a one time verification code and just ask them how to update your phone number while on the phone, so that you can link it to your correct number for future. 


Kind regards, 


Suzie Watts

Hi Jarratt


Thanks for getting back to me, I managed to get sorted the customer service agents were great, professional and very patient.