Partnering Company bookings through Booking.com


Booking.com sent me a booking saying via a partnering company. The phone number they provide doesn't work and I messaged my guests in the conversation section but they never recieved my messages for entry details

How do we get in contact with our guests when they book through a partnering company?

Booking Partnership

This reservation was made via a company partnering with Booking.com. Please do not refer the customer to Booking.com’s customer service — ask the customer to contact their ‘Booking provider’ for further assistance.

Fluff (new account)

These are a bit tricky when the partner agent is uncommunicative. The messages you send in Extranet to the reservation, will be seen by the agent. Therefore, you could ask for their proper details, to forward your entry details and confirm the guest has them. The agent is very unlikely to want you to contact the guest directly!

If they do not answer you could send a second, harsher message to the effect that their booking will not be taken seriously until the agent communicates properly.

Is this a pay-booking.com set-up or pay you directly? If pay-you and the payment card and guest names don't match, you can refuse the booking on those grounds (invalid credit card).

If a paying-Booking.com then you have little option apart from requesting BDC to provide proper details for their partner agent.

Alternatively, leave as is and blame the unresponsive partner agent when the guest is unable to gain entry or doesn't have any other details you would normally provide. 


Usually, in our experience, the partner agent contacts us directly to make sure we have the booking and arrange any special requirements for either party. This is what they should do...

Claire - Accou…

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your message. 

Please reach out to the Partner Services team directly if you want someone to help you with this specific booking. You can compose a message or give them a call via your extranet under Inbox > Booking.com messages. From here you will either see a ‘Contact Us’ button or ‘See Contact Options’  then under contact us select the relevant topic > Other > then click ‘See all contact Options > Message or Call.

Kindly note that your extranet is the best place to seek help as your inquiry will go to a specific department depending on the topic you choose when you send a message.

If Booking.com has sent you this reservation then, In this specific case I would call Booking.com and provide the agent with the Booking.com booking number to advise.

Kind regards,