Someone to help me with setting different rates for different dates

I have read all articles and tried everything, I now need actual help. I am a first time user. 

I want to do the following;

OCT 2021: 2 people $215; 3 people $265; 4 people $295 and so on

NOV 2021: 2 people $295; 3 people $325; 4 people $375 and so on

DEC 2021: 2 people $450; 3 people $465; 4 people $525 and so on

This is also the second time I have submitted this post and I have not had a response from the first. 

I would really appreciate some help. I have selected the dates int he calendar and adjusted the rates, but it goes universal and affects the dates that it should not. Thank you for helping me. I am learning this system, 


Fluff (new account)

Hi Linda,

If you have an account manager, a contact will be listed on the right of the screen inside Extranet, under the messaging tab and select messages with Booking. Call them and get real time help. You can also drop a message in same area and ask for live help.

On the forum here, you have not given enough information for us to assist e.g. which property type are you and how is your accommodation divided plus many other details. We are only other property managers/owners like yourself, without any access to view your account. It may also be helpful to link your property details inside your profile on this forum.


Janita - Accou…

Hi Lindy, 

This forum is for general questions regarding Booking.com, unfortunately we are not able to help with specific property requests due to security. Please reach out to the Partner Services team via your extranet for assistance with your specific listing. You can reach them via the Inbox tab in the extranet > Booking.com Messages > See contact options.