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Increase your positive reviews and future bookings by providing a great guest experience before, during and after their stay.

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Congratulations on receiving your first booking! We're excited to help you create an unforgettable guest experience. In this step, we'll offer helpful tips and advice on how to enhance your guests' experience before, during, and after their stay. Each guest's experience can greatly impact the reviews you receive and your overall performance on So, let's dive in and learn how to make every guest's stay a memorable one!

What to do before your guest arrives

Now that you have a scheduled guest arrival, it's time to set up a welcoming process that guides them through check-in. Here are some tips to make the process smooth and efficient:

  • Reach out before their stay: As we’ve mentioned, sending a friendly welcome message through your Inbox tab reassures guests that they've made a great choice in booking with you. This is a great opportunity to remind them of your check-in time and provide useful information, such as directions or parking facilities.
  • Use the key collection feature: If you're unable to welcome your guests in person, you can use the key collection feature to explain ahead of time how they can retrieve the keys to your property without you being present.
  • Facilitate guest requests where possible: If a guest requests to change part of their reservation, you can decide how to handle this based on your policies in a way that works for both of you.
  • Prepare your property: Creating a strong positive first impression of your property is important. Consider preparing your property by small touches like lighting up your living room or refreshing your bathroom to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.
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What to do during your guest’s stay

Optimise for what guests review at your property

When your guests stay with you, it's crucial to consider what they're likely to highlight in their reviews of your property.

In addition to the overall 1 to 10 rating, guests are also asked to rate your property for other categories such as cleanliness, comfort, value for money, facilities, staff and more.

Focusing on these areas is essential because they can have a significant impact on prospective guests who are exploring your property page.


Hospitality best practices

Welcoming your guests in person is a great way to add a personal touch and ensure a seamless check-in process. However, if you're unable to be there in person, there are still many ways to personalise their experience:

  • Make sure they have your contact information: Guests feel more at ease knowing they can reach you in case of any issues during their stay. The Pulse app is a helpful tool for keeping in touch with your guests.
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  • Be inclusive: As a partner, your property has a global reach and you may be welcoming guests from diverse backgrounds. Be respectful of cultural differences, and if you're unsure about your guests' needs or preferences, don't hesitate to ask them for more information.
  • Provide a guidebook of your property: If an in-person tour isn't possible, provide an overview and instructions that highlight important facilities and amenities, such as Wi-Fi information, how to use the appliances, and where they can reach you.
  • Recommend restaurants and local attractions: Guests who are new to your area will appreciate your local knowledge on the best dining and entertainment options nearby.
  • Confirm check-out procedures: Even if you've outlined this information in your booking policy, it's always a good idea to remind guests about your check-out time and procedures, such as removing the bedding or taking out the garbage. If you offer a late check-out option, let them know about any additional fees.
  • Delight guests with small acts of kindness: Gifts such as chocolates, small toys for children, or tastes of local products and beverages often are more valuable to your guests than the cost you incur for them. Such hospitality goes a long way, and creating such memorable experiences is what will make your guests want to return to your property.
  • Respect their privacy: Once your guests are settled in, give them space to enjoy their stay. This also means respecting all applicable privacy laws and regulations regarding security devices on your property. If your guests need you, they can reach out to you using the contact information you've provided.
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More tips

We’ve made some short videos that share quick-and-easy tips on getting your home ready for guests.

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What to do after your guest checks out

Make a lasting impression on your guests by ensuring your check-out process is just as smooth as your check-in. Here are some important things to keep in mind after your guests have departed:

  • Inspect your property: It's a good idea to inspect your property as soon as possible after your guests have left. This way, if there are any damages, you can take the necessary steps.
  • Check the details of the reservation one last time: Verify that all the reservation details are correct in the Reservations tab of the extranet to ensure that all necessary fees are correctly charged, both for the guest as well as for yourself.
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  • Request feedback: After check-out, we automatically send an email to all guests to request their feedback. Since guest reviews play a vital role in your ranking and performance on our platform, it's always a good idea to thank them for their stay and proactively and ask for their feedback.
  • Read and reply to reviews: If you receive feedback, it's important to read, absorb and respond to your guests – especially if the feedback is constructive. Taking responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings helps you improve as a host. Since these reviews are public on your property page, responding to them shows other potential guests that you take your guests' feedback seriously.

Before you continue…

By prioritising guest experience and reviews and implementing strategies to encourage positive feedback, you can improve your property's performance, leading to more bookings and higher revenue.


  • You can view your guest reviews on by logging in to your property's extranet and going to the Guest reviews tab.

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  • To write a guest review on, a guest must have a confirmed booking and have stayed at the property. They can only write one review per booking and must follow's review guidelines, which prohibit reviews that contain personal information or are discriminatory, vulgar, or unrelated to the property.

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  • To share check-in information with guests on, you can use the messaging feature on the extranet. You can also upload check-in instructions and other important details to the “Guest information” section of your extranet Policies.

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  • To set up key collection on go to the Property tab and Policies section, select “Key collection” and choose a method. The information you provide will appear on the guest's booking confirmation. Note that key collection is not available for all partners.

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