About our recommender systems

Aug 23, 2023 | 5 min read


At Booking.com, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your property’s potential and our partnership. We use recommender systems to assist us in providing you with tailored advice and suggestions to boost your bookings and enhance guest satisfaction.



The benefit of recommender systems 

  • Make informed decisions

    Our recommender systems aim to empower you with valuable information, so you can make informed decisions that enhance your property's performance and guest satisfaction. 

  • Keep up with the latest insights

    They are driven by real-time information, which means they are consistently evolving to help us provide you with the most relevant insights. 

  • You’re in control

    As our valued partner, you're always in control. Take the advice that's helpful and disregard the suggestions you don't need.



  • Booking.com's recommender systems enhance property decisions, boosting satisfaction
  • Find tailored ideas in the Opportunity Centre, aligned with your property’s potential
  • Boost your quality rating with extra facilities for more bookings

Opportunity Centre

Maximising your property's bookings is our priority. That's why we provide you with expert advice on how to optimise your property listing. Our recommender system carefully assesses factors such as your property's value potential and the likelihood of implementing the advice to provide relevant and impactful recommendations. For example, we might recommend you upload a photo of your kitchen area, join the Genius programme or offer mobile rates. 


How it works

The Opportunity Centre advice is ranked based on a number of factors, including the following:

  • Your property’s value potential 

    We prioritise advice based on the potential impact it can have on your room nights, which depends on different factors such as booking rates, search result views, review scores, total revenue and average daily rate. By focusing on actions with the highest value potential, we guide you towards the most effective strategies.

  • Likelihood of implementation

    We take into account the interactions with advice in order to understand the likelihood of implementation. By presenting you with popular and successful suggestions, we aim to help you achieve similar results.


Opportunity Centre 

Explore personalised advice based on your property's potential and implementability

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Home quality rating 

We understand the importance of having a high-quality rating for attracting more bookings. To improve your property's quality rating, we offer suggestions based on relevant factors, such as potential for improvement and feasibility of implementation. Some of the suggestions we provide are the same for all partners (e.g. include good quality photos) and some are tailored to your property (e.g. provide certain facilities or amenities).


How it works

The quality rating advice is ranked based on a number of factors, including the following:

  • Potential for improvement 

    Our system evaluates the impact of each suggestion on your quality rating upon implementation, for example adding missing facilities such as a coffee machine and other amenities. We prioritise suggestions with the highest potential to enhance your overall guest experience.

  • Feasibility of implementation 

    We consider how practical it is for you to implement each suggestion by taking into account the level of difficulty of implementing the suggestion. For example, adding a swimming pool is likely significantly more difficult than adding a washing machine. By focusing on feasible actions, we help you make tangible improvements to your property.


Home quality ratings

Boost your quality rating by highlighting the unique facilities of your property

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Home price advice  

Setting competitive pricing is essential for securing more bookings. Our price advice system provides you with a competitive price range during the registration process to help you attract guests while optimising your revenue. 


How it works

The price advice is based on a number of factors, including property attributes and facilities:

  • Your property’s attributes  

    We take into account various factors, such as accommodation type, location, property size, guest capacity, and room type to determine a suitable price range.

  • Your property’s facilities 

    The amenities you offer, like air-conditioning, heating, hot tubs, saunas or terraces, impact guest preferences and willingness to pay. 


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