Different Rates for different dates and the number of guests staying



I have been trying to do this with no avail... Thank you for the help from someone.


I want to put in different rates for Oct

Different rates for Nov

Different rates for Dec

I am using the Calendar and each time I select the dates and change the rates, when I do this in the area for the number of guests, it then standardises ALL of the dates again. I cannot work out how to use the system to make this happen effectively.


OCT - 2 people $205; 3 people $265; 4 people $315and so on

NOV - 2 people $285; 3 people $325; 4 people $385 and so on

DEC - 2 people $450; 3 people $485; 4 people $555 and so on


This system seems very difficult to use.


Thank you Lindy x

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Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hello Lindy,

Looking at your proposed set up, I am assuming this is for 1 particular room type.

For October, the 3rd person rate is +$60.

For November, the 3rd person rate is +$40.

For December, the 3rd person rate is +$30.

I think that's the issue there. The system can definitely allow you to standardize a 3rd person rate for that particular room type, across all months. 

Hope that clarifies.