Guest makes a lot of damages but want to give bad review as well



I'm new here and last we had a group of the Netherlands who caused a lot of damage. They were at place correct and paid an extra amount to cover the damage. Now they want it back otherwise they will give us a bad review. We are just open and we want to grow. To receive a bad review could be very bad news for a starting host as us. We have plenty of pictures from all the damages and can we fight the review with Booking.com if they are not honest about their stay?


Can you give some advise please? We would love to hear how you guys solve such a problem. 




Mackim Joos

Loft To Go 

Ismini Karali 2 years ago


First of all, report them as misconduct and attach pictures if you can

Also, ban them for future reservations, so they can't stay with you again.

My personal opinion is not to give in any kind of blackmail-that is exactly what it is.

For sure you can't be sure that they won't rate bad, even if you return the money to them.

Also , these amount was kept for damages. Since they have made, why refund them??

Lastly, nobody wants a bad review, but you can't just comply with them.

Answer it according to what exactly happens and just let it be (since BDC doesn't do anything for the reviews-although you can try send them a message to explain everything plus add the photos.

This is my opinion and hope it helps.

Good luck


Villamachadoa22 2 years ago

hi Ismini,


How do you ban a past guest from rebooking?




mackim 2 years ago

Thank you for your reply. Can you do something when the costs are too high? A police rapport?