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Having to go into immediate isolation - Only Hypothetical

Hi. Please understand that my question is ONLY a Hypothetical one. I have tried to ask's customer services support but sadly they appeared to be confused with my question and this is my question, Should at any time my local heath authority informs me that I have to go into home isolation for the mandatory 14 days and say that I have guests booked in for the next number of days after me having to go into home isolation what is the procedure for any  Home-stay host? I realise that would possibly have to locate new accommodation for my guests but if that accommodation is more expensive than what I charge would I personally have to make up the $difference between my nightly rate the new accommodation night rate for the guests? 

Ismini Karali 1 year ago


I am not sure about this specifically, but in case of relocations, if there is difference on the rate, unfortunately they ask you to cover it. I think the best solution is you to find an alternative location and agree the same rate. They will for sure search for a most expensive one.

Hope i have helped.



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Ashley Sedon 1 year ago

Many thanks for your message its truly appreciated. Stay safe. Kind regards.