House in security estate - need clients who book to complete a form with their personal details

Hi all - I hope someone can provide me with the solution. Have just joined booking.com and am listing our property that is located in a small security estate. The Board of Trustees of the Home Owners' Association requires that any guests renting, complete a form with the names, surnames, identity numbers and car registration numbers as well as contact numbers, for security purposes. These are kept by the Security Officer who is on the Board and destroyed after the the booking is completed. 

I realise that I can include the need to complete the form and the details it requires, in the house rules, so that guests will know whether they are happy to comply or not. 

How would I go about getting the details of a guest booking, so that i can send them the form to complete - does Booking.com share the renters' details with the owner once they have booked?

Thanks in anticipation!

BrookAve 1 year ago




Yes so long as they share the info.

I would put it into top of New Reservation template. 

Mark as mandatory and if not received within 6-12 hours Reservation will be cancelled. 


Also that association should setup a Google account and create the form in Google forms maker, and generate a share link.


You put link in template and guest uses that, so you are not the one managing it, it looks after itself.

The security staff then just use that on their phone


Eh volia, nice and simple