Location verification

Hi to everyone who reads this message! 

I would like to inform you and get a proper unswer, when our property will be starting showing in your channel?

The reason why I'm asking this question, is, I have registered our property in your channel, add all photos and necessary informations, but received a message, that we need to verify our hotel location and it will take to receive a postal letter in  14 to 25 days, which is first of all so long for us and then, as you may know this is will work only for Eupore or America, as our country postal service is worst to speak about them. 

So, then I received a call from one of your colleagues from Moscow, and agreed with him, that we will arrange a video call via WhatsApp messenger to show our property and location, to get verification and unlock or start to promote our hotel in booking.com, however we were waiting for video call till now, no one didn't call us. 

Dears, it is really necessary to understand, that each day, and everyday we are spending lot of money to take care of the hotel (electricity, water heating and etc), so that's why your reply important to us, to start selling our property to the customers in URGENT basis and make money at least to cover our expenses. 

So please, help to verify our hotel location ASAP 🙏 

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards, 

Jamshed Hasanov