Minimum & Maximum Stay Question


I own a Self Catering Cottage and we operate a minimum 2 night stay and maximum 1 month stay.

I tried to follow the online instructions on booking.com on both list view and monthly view calendar to set the restrictions, but either it doesn't work for me, or I am missing something in the instructions., or maybe I just don't understand.

Could anyone explain to a novice with booking.com a step by step means of doing this?


Thanks so ,much


BrookAve 1 year ago


Welcome Alan,

  • Make sure your standard  rate plan is set to 2 nights.
  • Open Calendar - List View, choose Room Type, expand Rate Plans/Promos
  • Under each will be extended fields such as Min length of Stay.
  • Note some fields are hidden by default so if you see some in an article but cant see them there, message or phone partner support to enable all of them.
  • For each rate plan/ promo , with the fields now all enabled:
    • Update each row with
      • min length =2
      • max length = 28 (remember shortest month of year is 28)
    • optional others : 
      • Max advanced reservation - how soon closest to check in date in days or hours guest can book. Denote hours by a number followed by letter 'h'.




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