My account isn't live after 3 weeks

I set up my account 3 weeks ago and even got a booking the first day. However since then my account has been rendered closed by booking dot com and despite numerous calls to them, nothing is been done. I have another property with them that's been trading almost 2 years, so I really don't know what the issue is.

What's really annoying us that their customer service has been horrendous as no one has been in contact with me despite my calls to them.

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jaybeegee 1 year ago

hi and welcome to the partner channel.

Clearly there is a problem as bdc has no interest to close your property and odd that you are not getting the response from support.

Did you comply with all their requests like sending in permit numbers, tax registration etc?

Do you have any pending claims on the other property?

Richard Nicholson 1 year ago

Yes I have another property that has been successfully trading for two years with booking.com 

I was live initially as mentioned a booking for April is on the account. However no return calls from Booking.com to the calls that I have made.

It seems sometimes things go in the 'too difficult ' category with booking.com and no one wants to deal with it

Richard Nicholson 1 year ago

I have already called support 4 times, I have been and checked the holiday let and there is no verification code sent by booking.com

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Jarratt - Acco… 1 year ago

Hi Richard, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles getting your new property verified. The available options to verify new properties differs by country, have you asked the support team for alternative options, if you are unable to receive a verification code? There is currently a backlog with the verification team, but officially requesting a verification call/video call so that you are in the queue would be beneficial. Apologies for the delays here, but the partner support team are the best point of contact to manage this. 


You mention you have another property live. If you don't already, I recommend setting up a Partner Card to link the two properties in our system, which may help speed up the verification process and removal of any restrictions applied to new properties. This would need to be requested with the partner support team as well. 


Kind regards,