Some stuff I havent found in the help pages....

1. I have some problems loggin in my account, even got a second welcome email with the same email address, seems it just works when I use the link from the first email I got. Dies that happen to someone else too?

2. Where can I choose the max time a person can book in advance ? I want them to book a maximum of 12 months in advance because the times my house can bereached is changing every year.

3. Where can I change "bedding" to "per guest" ? I have only the option per day or week.

4. When will the guest get his deposit back ? Does booking ask me if everithing was left behint ok ?

5. Is it possible to always get a request for a booking or does I have to be a fixed booking ? 


Thanx for help, its a little bit overwhelming when you just start with  yourt first object :-))


Greetz F. Wolf