Special Pricing condition for one night


I have newly completed the announce of my Mobile Home in Bookings.

Normally in week-ends min.lengt of stay is 2 and week days is 3,

However I want to give an option to choose of only one night with a condition of a higher price. 

How can I do this? 

Your help will be appreciated. 


Leya Dalva 

BrookAve 2 years ago


hmm, so the rate plan view in calendar has those restrictions for say rate plan 1.


you would need to create a new rate plan , set minimum 1 night, but you can also deactivate /activate when it is linked to a room type and date/range.


have a look at calendar monthly view , shows it in that way to toggle a rate plan off /on.



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Haus Cristal 1 year ago

Hi, did you find a way to do this? I have the same issue but the rate plan does not really work....