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We have 3 properties listed with Booking.com along with all other major hosting platforms.  We also advertise on our own website.  We are 5 star properties and we charge slightly higher than our immediate local competators.

Recently and for the 3rd time we have had to evict booking.com guests.  We have NEVER had reason to evict guests booking from any other platform.

Things to note. 

1. Our T&C's are very clear and are sent to each guest when they book the properties.

2. The day before any guest arrives I send a personal message welcoming the guest/s and a part of this is drawing their attention (again) to our Terms and Conditions.

3. Each of the 3 lots of guests I have had to evict live locally - i.e they are travelling a very short distance from their residential address listed to our properties.

4. We have CCTV cameras at the front doors of our properties (these have been worth their weight in gold).  This is noted on our property description.

4. The first guest I evicted booked the property for herself and 4 children.  She arrived with 6 teenager girls with many more dropped off by parents.  It turned out she was throwing a 16 year old, 2 night sleepover, birthday party at our luxury beach house for her 16 year old daughter with up to 40 teenage guests.  She had no intention on staying at the property, the party was going to be unsupervised.  She was also supplying alcohol to the teenagers.  She was evicted before the party really kicked off and we saved what could have been a dangerous situation for the teenagers and a nightmare for neighbours and our property.  Thank god for the CCTV cameras.

5. The last 2 evictions were bookings that were made the day of arrival (this never happens with any other hosting platform).  To cut a long story short both of these bookings (unrelated) were made for 2 people.  Between 7 to 8 arrived.  In both cases there were illegal drugs and prostitution involved, with men coming and going all night long, from around 10pm until around 6am the next morning.  Apart from the illegal activities a massive number of our T&Cs were also broken.  Both these guests (bookings) were evicted the next morning.  Again thank goodness for the CCTV camera.

I am curious why this kind of guest only seems to book through booking.com.  And I am reaching out for any constructive advice or support.  The booking.com call centre operators are polite and lovely but useless with guiding me to a secure and satisfactory solution.

Thanks in advance

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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

Are you signed up for the Genius scheme?

We have found the Genius guests were consistently of low quality and very demanding. Scrap that scheme.

BDC in general does attract more, lower quality guests, that display odd behavior and are prone to drop low score reviews on you for no apparent reason.

Our property scores are all between 9 and 10 EXCEPT for BDC where it is only 8.6 for both properties we have listed with them. From the main OTAs we find the guests supplied by Hotels.com are the best quality and our first few from AirBnB also seem good people thus far.


If Hotels.com and AirBnB are the BMWs/Mercedes of the OTA world for guest supply, then BDC is the Ford.