Feature Request - Email notifications - Your post was removed - Add copy of the content to the EMAIL


Most of us wont remember everything written, so when the email notifications come in for content removed, we wont know which one it was .


This has been a long  time issue and not related to todays fiasco.

no point having generic references in it, include the actual content before removing the page itself.


Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Have just had one of my posts removed - of course, no idea which one .......

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Fluff (new account) 2 years ago

Just had the same here, not a clue which one or why it caused such dismay to what precious sensibilities...


Yet a guest can write anything they please in a review!!!!!

BrookAve 2 years ago


exactly fluff, its a pisstake, you cant use normal English , real world English, without some puritan, removing (ass, damn, idiot, ejit, gobshite etc).


Although I suspect whats really happening is some non english speaker or english is their 2nd or 3rd language is judging those who speak it 1st hand,.... they should not be.


also they ont know the local culture use of those words especially Irish English... were we use multiple words for the same thing:


e.g. eejit, egit, bellend, muppert, gobshite. ass, arse, or coloquial phrases like.  ' a swift kick up the arse'