Feature Request: Verified Mobile Phone Number

There is a problem in that when guests book with a landline number, we have no way to contact them once they start traveling to the property. This is a big problem especially with business bookings.

There used to be an option in Property > Policies > Guest Information for a "verified phone number". This has been changed to "a phone number". It is no longer verified. Automated SMS to verify a mobile number is easy - BDC already use this when we want to change some finance settings. BDC could easily set up "verified phone number" again.

We do use the automated message templates to ask guests to provide a mobile number, but (this is another big issue with the poor BDC systems) many guests do not know that these messages are sent and do not know that they have a BDC account that they can log in to and see all the information they need. Guests make a booking, get a printable Booking Confirmation with hardly any useful information, then don't know how to get to the property or anything else.

So ..... please can BDC require that guest phone numbers are verified.