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No reservation notifications ***NEW BUG***

Didem - Community Manager  

This a a bad one;


For my last three check-ins I have not received any notification of their booking, that's Pulse, SMS or email.

No booking, no reminder, nada, niet, sweet didddly squat.

I have rechecked all my settings in contacts and there are no wobblies there, all 100% correct.


The first was a surprise with the guest turning up with no prior knowledge. As a precaution since then I have been logging in to check and have had the two more since.

BrookAve 1 year ago

Quick one, even if no notification received,  was the reservation visible via the pulse calendar and the extranet reservation list page, and the extranet homepage of upcoming stays?

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

Hi BrookAve  

There was nothing in Pulse but then that's quite usual, I find Pulse incredibly useless and buggy, especially more recently with most pages just going blank.

Extranet showed everything.

Sandy Thijs 1 year ago

Hi here Sandy from hotel las flores


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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

Didem - Community Manager  


It seems we have a marginal improvement on this one.

Text notification; Yes

Pulse notification; notification only, cannot view or print actual booking from Pulse.

Email (the most important one); ***NO, still nothing here.


Can we please have this sorted. It's a very basic function to be missing!

N.B. we are receiving every other type of notification to our email BUT NOT BOOKINGS.

Heather Devine 1 year ago

I am getting e mails, but they are very unhelpful ones.   It says "You have just received a new booking from a guest" and includes a very long link.   In a poor font, poor layout, not easy to read.  

Airbnb send e mails which says the name of the guests, the date they arrive, includes their photo, where they are from, how long they have been on Airbnb, includes their message to me abut the purpose of their trip, gives me the check in and check out dates, how many guests there are, how much money I am going to make from the booking, and all other details about it.  In a beautiful layout, easy to read.   With a link which is a simple button that says "Send John a message".   

Why is so backwards with its technology? 

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

THIS ISSUE STILL PERSISTS. Additionally Pulse has now ceased again.

No help here Didem - Community Manager  (this is now 2 months after you said you would investigate but obviously failed to do so) and absolutely zero response from Extranet support.

Absolute shower of a company.


I had stopped checking Extranet because bookings from BDC had evaporated (yet increased through ALL other active platforms!!!). My only alarm for my latest booking was the arrivals summary, how can I receive this but not the original booking? Luckily I DO have a room available for the guest who assumes their booking was logged with us some time ago.


New Summary of affairs;


Text notification; NO

Pulse notification; NO

Email (the most important one); ***NO, still nothing here.


I have, yet again, rechecked all of the contact details and they are 100% perfect.

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Hi Fluff (new account), hope you're well! Thanks for tagging me here and I'm very sorry for just being able to reply to you on this again. I'd checked this bug for you indeed, and I didn't have any news to share. I do see in our system that a similar bug was reported in the past by another partner and the product team made a note that they would be working on a new pulse notifications service in 2022, however I don't have a concrete answer for you. It might also relate to a different situation. So what our teams suggest is always to encourage our partners to report bugs in their Extranet (and I know from you that you always do this first and sadly you've not been hearing a response or resolution) so that our system support teams could ask you further questions to clarify the issue experienced, check with specific reservation numbers if needed etc. to investigate each case throughly to solve it effectively. I truly wish that I could do more from my side to help to solve these bugs as I see the impact it's making on your property and guests. 

Popova Mariana 1 month ago


unfortunately there is one month since is dont receive notifications in Pulse. 

whats going on?