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Hi All,

We live in Belgium and we own, as private individual, a gite just next to our main house.

We have been working with booking.com since the mid of July 21.

All worked very well until we received a message from them, on 10/29/21, informing us that our property was closed and all the payment were suspended because a verification of our property location had to be done.

Estimated time of this procedure : 10 days.

More than two month later, our property remains closed on the website and we have not received any payment for our November rentals (1350 €) yet.

We have reached out to their Customer Service many times by email through the Extranet and by phone, I have filled KYP forms, we have sent three claims but the situation remains unchanged.

This is completely unacceptable !

Does anyone have an idea on how to get things done ?

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Janita - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Eric, 

Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. We do currently have a backlog to verify properties which the team are working through, however the expected timeframe is longer than 10 days, but I unfortunately do not have a new estimated time I am sorry. We are communicating all of this internally and working on resolutions to assist. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Eric Watelet 1 year ago

Hi Janita,

Thank you for your quick answer, much appreciated.

And moreover, your response makes sense (quite different from those we received through the extranet...)

I don't know if there is a link, but a few hours after I have posted, our account has been unblocked and our accomodation has visibilty on booking.com again.

Kind regards,