Pulse app code for extranet login never works

I don't know if this applies to anyone, but it never works for me. I ended up having to use the text message verification instead. Is this actually tied in geographically if I'm based somewhere outside the country? It kept saying please enter a valid pulse code.

BrookAve 2 years ago


nope, just us leprechauns here.


describe the process you follow to get the code in detail please.





Where you can reach us


how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox

DAN-MARIAN MATEI 11 months ago

Hi, I have the same issue.

When I am asked for the 2 factor authentication to enter the extranet on the web and I select the option "via Pulse app":


the code generated from the App is always wrong. I always need to revert to a call o sms.

The user/password are the same for app and extranet and when attempting this (to retrieve a working PIN from pulse app) I'm successfully connected to my account from the phone app.

The device is listed and "authorized" in the area "my devices" of the web site.

How to solve?




James Wellman 9 months ago

Still doesn't work for me either.  Can't quite remember when this started to happen but I'm sure it's been months! Please fix it as it's not always easy to have signal for a text

Callum Haddow 4 months ago

This is STILL an issue by the way. I haven't been given the text option to login, only the app verification. 

When I tap on the 'extranet verification code' button it doesn't bring anything up. So I am now locked out of my online account until this works or the extranet decides a text can be used as well. I see there has been no update on this in months so I'm not holding out any hope for help.