Hello as a result of the email sent by Booking.com regarding VAT I made an appointment to see my tax adviser. He told me that Booking.com should know that Vat does not exist in the Canary Islands and that it is unfair that they made me come to him and he suggested that I ask Booking,com to reinburse me the fees of 60€ I paid him for the consultation plus my expenses for travelling to see him and half a days loss of time.  Anyone in the same boat? Also how do I make a claim to Booking.com? Help anyone please there was also the stress that that email caused. NOT FAIR

BrookAve 2 years ago


Unless you meet the requirements for getting a VAT number and your accountant told you you need one, you can ignore the request.


BdC have been told 50+ times they need to cater for this scenario on the VAt info page.

i.e. add another option : Not Applicable to me.


many in the same boat