Growing Together

Growing Together is our ongoing promise to help you succeed – by strengthening our partnership with you in everything we do. Read on for more about our latest commitments and the progress we’ve made since launching Growing Together a year ago.

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We promise to share even more tailored advice to help you grow your revenue, reduce your workload and make your guests even happier.


Get better results

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We promise to share more information on what you get out of your partnership with us: from top-class marketing and tech solutions to local teams who know your market inside out. 


See how we add value

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We promise to express our appreciation more, to listen more, and to show you exactly how we’re acting on your feedback.


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We promise to be there for you: to keep you informed, to inspire you, and to help you connect and share with each other.


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You asked for more ideas to help you grow your revenue, improve operations and create even better guest experiences. So, we’re taking a new approach to delivering personalised commercial advice – and making it easier for you to put that advice into action.

Pricing: all you need to know

You’ve told us that an effective pricing strategy is fundamental to growing your business. But you also said that you’d like more transparency around our different pricing products. To help you understand our different promotions and their benefits for you, we’ll soon be launching a brand-new Pricing section in your extranet. We’ll also be adding to the Solutions section on the Partner Hub to help you pick the right pricing products for your business goals.


You asked us to share more about the different ways we invest in our partnership. So, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our latest innovations.

Your commission: where does it go?

We understand that you want to know how we use your commission to strengthen our partnership and help you grow your business. That’s why your Partner Hub now features more details of how we invest in the areas that matter most to the kind of business you run.


You asked us to show more appreciation for your loyalty, your hospitality and your participation in our initiatives. That’s why we’re putting even more focus on listening, acting on your feedback, and making sure you feel valued as our partner.

Traveller Review Awards: recognising more partners than ever before

For eight years running, we’ve been celebrating partners who receive outstanding guest review scores. This year, the newly renamed Traveller Review Awards will once again honour our highest-scoring partners – and we’re expecting to give away more awards than ever before. 


You asked for more support, inspiration, and opportunities to share and learn from each other. So we’re improving how we connect with you, and how we connect you with your peers around the world.

Regional events: making the most of our partnership

We want to connect you with other partners in your area, so you can inspire and learn from each other. And to help you get the most value from our partnership, we’re doing even more to tailor our events to your business goals. Of course, it’s also a chance for us to say thanks for growing with us.

Check out our progress

Let’s take a look at the previous commitments we made, and how we delivered on them.


A strong start for Guest Insights

Just two months after introducing the Guest Insights feature, we’ve seen a big increase in partners personalising their guests’ in-stay experience with this new tool. Our data shows that guests who share info like their dietary requirements or interests are more committed to their trip – which means more bookings where you can truly shape the guests’ experience at your property.


Room upsell made easy

You told us that you wanted more opportunities to upsell your rooms. So, we’ve made it easier for guests to switch to a premium room type before they arrive – which means more revenue per booking and a faster resale of your more affordable rooms. This feature is available for hotel partners with multiple room types.


Behind the scenes at Value for investment

Ever wonder how we invest your commission? The value section on the Partner Hub gives you an inside view into daily life at our offices worldwide. We explore how running over 1,000 experiments daily helps us improve your and your guests’ experience on our site, and dive deep into our global marketing efforts.


Pioneering research into Machine Learning and AI

Our Tel Aviv office is an innovative tech lab at the forefront of experimenting with machine learning tools, speech recognition and computer vision services. Current projects include a destination recommendation engine and computer vision services that will help us match your property with the right kind of guests.


A more objective guest review system

Earlier this year, we introduced a more objective, transparent guest review system. It provides you with actionable insights to improve your score and helps guests submit scores that accurately reflect their experience. Since its launch, the new system has already been used to create 1.5 million new reviews.


Answer guest questions directly in your extranet

Our new Q&A tool lets you respond swiftly to any questions your potential guests may have. It’ll help you build rapport right from the start, and – if you choose to display your answers publicly on your property page – can help you reach even more guests.


Highlights from Click. 2019

In September, we welcomed over 1,000 of you at Click. 2019, our annual thought leadership conference. Partners from all around the world came together to network, collaborate and learn from travel and hospitality experts. Let’s go behind the scenes to see how we’re building the connected trip of the future, together.


3,200 global events to strengthen our partnership

This year we hosted 3,200 events worldwide – and have just released a brand-new event series specifically for property managers. ‘Network Events’ will kickstart with 40 events around the world and offer professionals in the short-term rental industry the opportunity to meet, connect and discover new business solutions.