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Community Hacked? Or Attacked?

Last night, there were lots of "new partners" posting one-word replies to lots of different threads. Replies were simple like "ok" and "thanks". I had several new followers.

These are clearly not genuine property owning partners. It is very clearly a simple hack or attack, allowed by the very poor security in this community.

We can expect BDC community managers to ignore this or claim it's a feature or something.

Any thoughts on what excuses they'll use for this? Or how many months / years they'll take to acknowledge the problem?

Ismini Karali 5 months ago


I don't even think they have noticed... Probably we won't get anything but some excuses ...

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Didem - Commun… 4 months ago

Dear Isle of Wight Vacations, thank you so much for noticing and sharing about this! I had informed last day under Ismini's post regarding this topic that our team is aware and we're investigating the spam accounts, for your information.