Confirmation of location

Good day! Could you please give me an alternative way to confirm the location of the object? Unfortunately, mail service not available in our lication. Thank you in advance.

Dmitry 4 months ago

Thank you! But I still don't understsnd how to request video metod.

What is the screenshot did you sent? I cannot find this interface.

Sorry, I do not focus on this resource and do not understand who and how I can ask.

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BrookAve 4 months ago


thats my info graphic of how my signature used to contain the same info.


Its a more simplified way for anyone , including you t osee quickly how to make contact to the Partner Support team.


If you cant see that in the infographic, then theres nothing more i can do for you.


I'm a partner who volunteers to do all this, in my own time.


you literally just need to pick a method and get t o partner support and ask them for a video based verification method to confirm location, literally just that.


use method 2 





Dmitry 4 months ago

thank you! could you please send me direct link for the page "how to get help".

i cannot find om my signature(((