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External Review Score - is this new??

External Review Score

We had an email today about External Review Scores - it says:

Your external review score is now visible on our platform





Dear partner, You have at least one property on our platform without a review score. To help you get discovered and booked, your properties without a review score now display an external review score in search results and on property pages.




What is an external review score?





An external review score is applied by importing guest review scores from other trusted travel websites your property is also listed on. Once your property has received three reviews from guests – the minimum required for us to calculate a guest review score – your external review score will be replaced by a review score.

 Is this a new thing? I don't remember seeing it before ...

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Fluff (new account) 5 months ago

In theory it's a good idea, the only problem with that for new properties, is that Google and Tripe-Advisor are considered trusted sites. As we all know these are both full of fake reviews.


I think BDC need to clarify what these sources are. In fairness, they should be only closed sources such as other major OTAs.

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Isle of Wight … 5 months ago

We have a property on AirBnB with straight 5/5 reviews ..... the same property on BDC has an external review score of 10, so it's clearly pulled the data from AirBnB

But .... I'm disappointed that BDC have been working on this when there are so many bugs and problems with the entire BDC system ....