how do i stop booking.com reducing my room rates

How do I stop booking,com reducing my rooms rates, I have my rate set at £75 per night for 2 people, i.e so for a two night stay it would be £150.  But when I search for my property it is offering my room at £128 for 2 nights, how do I stop this?

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Fluff (new account) 1 month ago

Check for any discounts or promotions on your Extranet.

Are you a Genius member?

Do you advertise elsewhere at a lower rate? BDC will match your cheapest rate to a cheaper one their Bots find.

Did you follow through to the payment stage of the search. Although BDC don't normally show a different rate, things do change! Agoda are a particular menace for this. While mentioning Agoda, do you have a direct account with them? If yes, they offer discounts without your permission which could in turn lead to another agent matching it.