Non Communicative Guests pertaining to Check-in ETA (Estimated time of Arrival) Not provided.

Well the hospitality industry is a tough one at times and can be exhausting.

I have a strict check-in policy of 12:00 - 22:00 PM on all my online listings.

I'm as sympathetic as I can humanely be provided guests are considerate themselves.

Though I am very strict about my check-in times unless special arrangement or circumstances as to why they can't abide by that timeframe is communicated with me as would be appreciated and understood to be accommodating. 

Case study being yesterday 11/26/21 by a guest via booking.com

So they did not provide a ETA (Estimated time of arrival) and booked for 3 days. And so being in the office until 22:00 PM I messaged them at 20:00 PM to give them a friendly reminder that check-in can not be facilitated past 22:00 PM. The guest did not bother to call or sms me or communicate a delay that they would not be able to meet the deadline. So if I receive no response and 22:00PM comes and goes I immediately mark such guests as a NO-SHOW.  In which case they forfeit their entire reservation.


They call me at 22:45 PM expecting me to check them in. To be honest had they at least given me a heads-up to inform me, I would have gladly accommodated an arranged late arrival past the check-in policy time frame given on the listing. The guest gave an excuse that he was driving and so could not reply... Well be that as it may the guest still has an obligation to inform the guesthouse of the circumstances. His wife or spouse or companion could have performed that courtesy of communicating their reasons for delayed check-in past the given timeframe.


I used to give in and make concessions despite the rules, though people have then always taken advantage and I've learned that if people can't abide by simple rules they also disregard the house rules. And I've started putting my foot down. Yes they may be upset, get angry, but there are consequences to disregarding rules and not communicating. 


Another incident was via another booking site a few months ago. Once again no ETA, no communication, no reply to messages, phone is on voicemail. 22:00PM comes and goes. So I clock off work then, and went to bed. 3:20 AM there's a car hooting at the gate, followed by a call. They have arrived and would like to check-in. I of course told them that their reservation had been forfeited because of the above and that they are NO-Show's. I called the booking site hosting service and explained the situation to them, and they agreed that it was fully within my right to have taken that action of turning them away.


So, be accommodating, be kind, be compassionate, but don't let people walk over you.

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BrookAve 1 month ago


Yep I get all that, but be prepared for the backlash.


I would add a message template used 48h prior to arrival to remind them.


Also update the new reservation template. 


Now of course flights get delayed. 


So I would insert also into template email and phone for you so in case of delays they send a message 

Francois Fourie 1 month ago

These aren't people who's flights get cancelled.

They just knowingly disregard the rules and policies.

I remind them but get no response. And then they play the victim.

As I said if they'd provide a relevant reason and headsup for a late arrival I'd oblige but otherwise I'm done with people who think they can flip the bird at guesthouse rules.