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Pulse stopped working on my iPhone 6 (IOS 12.5.5)

Pulse is updated to the latest version automatically by App Store, the icon is there but when I press on it, nothing comes up… I’ve deleted it and downloaded it several times but still same issue.

I have an old version of iPhone, everything was working fine till yesterday (31 October 2021).

anyone can suggest a solution please? 

Thank you


Maison des Maq… 2 months ago

Hi, I have exactly the same issue as you. Same iPhone 6. I have tried powering down my phone. Deleted the pulse app. Reinstalled it. Cleared cookes, safari cache etc. nothing has worked. This also happened last night 31.10.21). Clearly something booking have done as it’s too much of a coincidence. My extranet works. Interestingly, beware of updating availability in the Pulse if it ever comes back as I found a defect where it doesn’t save. Disturbingly I found it on the extranet too so beware. It’s untrustworthy so check your updates have worked. Irritating! I reported it to booking but they ignored it and just gave me a link. I’m a professional lead system tester so very experienced in testing major corporate systems. It has a lot of defects. Grrrrr. My guess is they’ve run a new update and it’s failed as it hasn’t been fully tested hence end of month. No point contacting them as they’ll say it’s user error or your phone. My hunch is it’ll be back in a few days after retests l, fixes and a new release. 

Maison des Maq… 2 months ago

Just to add. Weirdly, Pulse is working on my other iPhone 6 with 12.5.5. So it’s not that. My guess would be a login issue. Might try changing password and saved p/w in my phone? Worth a go.

B&B Cimabue 9 2 months ago


same issue with my app on iphone 6.

Strange fact is that I receive notifications (reviews, reservations, etc.), so it means I’m logged-in the system, but when I try to open it the app it doesn’t work.

Hope there’ll be an update soon this week!


Maison des Maq… 2 months ago

Yeah hope they fix it soon. I’m just gonna use my other channels Expedia and my own site etc and close rooms on booking until they fix it as can’t be doing with the extranet as it’s a pain having to have a phone call to log in each time. 

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Janita - Accou… 2 months ago

Hi all, 

Thanks for reaching out on this forum. 

Can you please log this with your local Partner Services team so they can see if this is a bug with the latest update and escalate accordingly with your examples? 

Have a great day!

The Cedars House B&B 2 months ago

Hi, it was resolved yesterday (2 November 2021) with your latest update…Pulse is working fine now…  thank you