What follows is a rant about my horrible experience with Booking.

I started about a year ago, and I haven't had many reservations. The few I got was from really weird and shady characters. That was funny as I'm having a constant influx of upstanding clientele from Airbnb. So a week ago I tried to look for my own apartment, I set up some filters and searched, and it was nowhere. I realized the apartment doesn't show up when I check free wifi in the filter, even if it was correctly ticked in my facilities. So it turns out that in the 21st century, in a big urban area, I was trying for months to rent out my apartment without the free wifi. I fiddled with it for a while, turned it off and on, and then it appeared, all ok.

Then, after I started receiving reservations, I noticed the calculation of my total is all wrong. My base price is 30, there is a discount of 20%, so the final price should be 26, right? Well no, Booking sold my rooms at 17. I asked for an explanation and didn't receive it.

So then I snoozed my apartment, removed all discounts, all that genius bs extortion, unsnoozed it, and went to check how it looks from the clients' side. Now, it showed correct prices, but whatever dates I selected i got "sold out" or "unavailable at these dates". I went through 3-4 levels of equally ignorant support agents who seemed to just read their answers from notes instead of looking up my settings. Someone said, wait 24h before the frontend blah blah.... So 24 hours later, there was no change. I contacted them again, they sent me a link about how to make my property available. And of course, the link went to a 404 page. How appropriate.

So a few minutes ago, I terminated my account with Booking. I'm indignant and disappointed beyond belief. 

Rant over, good luck to everyone.