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where do you start

I own a BNB in the uk

put all our efforts in to booking.com through our Facebook and other avenues to help people come to our site on booking.com

Bookings started off very well and we were looking quite busy, then after 2 weeks of having bookings and people staying , giving back very good feedback.

Booking.com shut us down for verification and would take UP TO 10 days !!!!!!!!

In the meantime my site on booking.com is suspended in bauld red letters

3 of the bookings cancelled because we look like we have shut down, which is not just upsetting 

After 8 days had past i rang booking.com and asked if the verification letter had been sent out to our address, there reply was ill have the department get in touch asap.

still no phone call, rightly after a further 4 days i rang again / which i got again , I’ll let the department know and they will be in touch ...

25 days later still no phone call no verification letter, what annoys me more is you have an operator that rings you back to verify your phone number, but then cannot answer any of your questions apart from saying which i already know you have to wait 10 days and the said department will be InTouch.

I'm very close to shutting down and all i hear is you have to wait for verification of where you are....

not sure if there were any point in this exercise because booking.com i feel seriously let us down and are very un-professional

I have had people stay at the guest house and given feedback to booking.com is this not verification enough for them...



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Janita - Accou…

Hi Peter, 

Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. 

Since we have millions of properties and guests around the world, it’s important that the info we show on Booking.com is 100% accurate.

We market properties across multiple search engines and on affiliate websites, so it’s vital that we show guests the correct info right from the booking stage. This ensures their expectations are managed and their experiences are positive.

Our primary focus is to ensure that every property on our site is genuine, whether it’s in a remote rural area or a popular urban destination. The verification of properties depends on their location and the owner’s accessibility to the property, so it might take a little longer in some cases.

If we need help verifying your property, our support team will contact you to discuss it.

Need more info? Find out what property verification involves.

The team will reach out to you as soon as they are able to arrange a location verification. 

Peter Owen

Hi janita

most of what you are saying I can understand.  but when you have let us have bookings from booking.com and to have feedback which incidentally is good feed back from been at our premises. I’m even more disappointed and disgusted with the way we have been treated.  please advise me to a time frame because all I’m hearing is rubbish and a fog off.  The business is a ltd company and we are on google maps saying exactly where we are and still I hear we will help any way we can. JUST GET OUR BUSINESS BACK ON LINE. 

yes you are right we as a company frustrated and was told a time frame of 10 days and now may be a little longer.  when it got to 25 days and 30 days or maybe Christmas. Maybe time to go across to air bnb which is not what I want but the business will not survive on false promises.  I have put a lot of money and effort in to finding the best site to promote us and I believed this was booking.com 

I have put awnings and posters promoting booking.com this was probably the most stupid thing to do