"Bank details" menu is not visible

We have a listing on booking.com that's visible. We have entered the validation code and it was accepted.  However when I go to the Finance tab to add banking information for transactions there is no "Bank details" option as described in the documentation.  

Anyone encounter this? Is there a waiting period from when validation code is entered before you can actually add bank info?  We have a reservation and are unable to process payment except for collect cash on arrival. 



BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Bill,


  • So in general you dont add bank details anyway as by default you are not given Payments by Booking as the default guest payment method.
  • You have to actually sign up for that, and even then requirements have to be met and qualify for.
  • This differs in some cases, but most of us have to default to Guest Pays You , for a couple of first stays before BdC will consider you qualifying.
  • Here is the direct link to the page for Bank Details if you want to see if it loads for you.


Note That default pay method - Collect cash on arrival is not your only option.


You can just edit the New Reservation Template and add your own prepay process and timelimit for the guest to follow



" Our Prepay procedure for Guests 

Dear Guest this reservation will not be fully confirmed nor booked until prepayment of deposit and or rate (partial or full) is paid with in the next 2-5 days."


Here are the methods we support for payment:

  • Bank Transfer -  Joe Blogs IBAN = ##################### or Bank Name, SORT CODE & account number
  • Online payment methods


The time limit is key to preventing No Shows , fake etc






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